Neutron Sync (beta)

Dot File Synchronization Service

Sync SSH keys, configuration files, personal settings, etc.

Neutron Sync is a synchronization tool that helps you synchronize your small configuration files. Since these files are often sensitive, everything is encrypted before being stored remotely. Only you own the key that can decrypt the files. Additionally, files are encrypted again at rest. Thus, files are encrypted twice for extra security.

Neutron Sync is open source software. View our Github.

  • Upload encrypted files to remote storage.
  • Pull files that are missing or out sync.
  • Push files that have changed.
  • Multiple profile support: personal, work, etc
  • Key exchange process to setup new machines

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Price after free trial: $25/year

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Neutron Sync One Minute Tutorial

Machine 1
  1. Sign Up for an account.
  2. Install the CLI client: pipx install nsync-cli
    Requires Python 3. pipx recommended, pip install also works. See pipx install
  3. Login CLI: nsync login
  4. Generate a Key: nsync keygen
  5. Add files to sync: nsync add "./.ssh/**/*"
  6. Start key exchange with Machine 2: nsync start-key-exchange
Machine 2
  1. Install the CLI client (see above)
  2. Login CLI: nsync login
  3. Complete key exchange: nsync complete-key-exchange

    or copy manually from Machine 1: ~/.config/nsync/config.json
  4. Pull files to sync: nsync pull
Keep files synced
  1. Pull latest changes: nsync pull
  2. Push changes to save: nsync push
  3. Add new files to sync: nsync add path/to/file.txt

Open Source

Neutron Sync is open source software. You can contribute or host your own Neutron Sync server. See the projects below for more information.

  • nsync-cli: Command line client for Neutron Sync
  • nsync-server: Neutron Sync web service written with Django.
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